Shervin Najafpour


Born on December 19th 1991 in Mo i Rana, Norway, Shervin is of South Azerbaijani Turkish descent, who explored her love for fashion at a early age and started working with two known Norwegian designers.

Shervin achieved international awareness with her first collection “The heart of the world beats from Istanbul” in 2013. The collection was worn by Internationally known Azerbaijani Top Model Gunay Musayeva, which lead to headlines in numerous newspapers and many TV and radio interviews around the world.

On November 23, 2014, Shervin Najafpour held her debut show “Atropatena” in the prestigious Pasifico Lounge & Dining in the heart of Baku, Azerbaijan. Where 27 of her designs were showcased on the runway. She quickly become the most talked up and coming designer in Azerbaijani and Turkish media, with headlines in more than 30 newspapers. In 2016 Shervin Najafpour’s interviews with world known journalist Dilshad Aliyari and Fuad Huseynzade were published in two books.

Her latest collection “I’m a Star” which was showcased during Antalya Fashion Week 2019 became a media success. With strong social messages she yet again managed to gain massive media success with more than 100 articles published. This time Best model of Azerbaijan & Mister Azerbaijan 2018 Shakir Ahmedzade was her main Star at the runway.

Shervin Najafpour is known for design and development of tailor fitted, handmade and exclusive garments. She offers a diverse selection of custom-made styles for both female and male. All garments are created from the finest quality materials including silks, French laces, Italian crêpe and leathers. Her signature is to use elements and inspiration from her rich heritage, therefore each design holds an story and is given a unique name. This is her way of expressing the combination of “the west meets east” which are found in her design.

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